VESUBIE F - Women's
Trail Running shorts with built-in underwear

Size recommandation

rather small model. Make sure to check your measurement. This size fits:

60 - 66"
95 - 117 lb
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24 UK size
61 - 68"
106 - 128 lb
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26 UK size
63 - 74"
139 - 161 lb
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34 UK size
64 - 76"
150 - 183 lb
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36 - 38 UK size
62 - 72"
128 - 150 lb
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30 - 32 UK size
61 - 70"
117 - 139 lb
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28 - 30 UK size
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WAS: £74.90
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From Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, whether you’re looking for your first trail run or you’re an experienced off-road racer, these 2-in-1 trail shorts are all what you need.

Feminine and lightweight, they feature our in-house CIMAFLEX® stretch fabric, offering great freedom of movement. Practical, it has multiple pockets and a built-in belt allowing trail runners to take water pockets, telephones, keys or cereal bars and gels when running.

Built-in mesh underwear for maximum comfort.

Practical with built-in belt & multiple pockets

Ultra light and handy these shorts have been designed to avoid any bad feeling when racing 

  • 3 large Mesh pockets around the belt;
  • 1 zipped back pocket;
  • Elastic belt with drawstring that supports the abdominal strap;
  • Flatlock seams;
  • Reflective prints.

Cimaflex® technology

Cimaflex® technology


CIMAFLEX® technology provides optimal stretchability for improved performance & comfort.

Usage Fast-Hiking, Ultra-light hiking, Trail Running
Stretchability High
Sun protection Excellent - 50 UPF
Fitting Rather Slim
Sizing advice Rather Small - If you're hesitating between two sizes, choose the larger one.

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  • 03/09/2021
    Georgina.J Verified buyer

    Lovely material, sits nice on waist

  • 13/07/2020
    Camille.K Verified buyer

    Excellent shorts. Very comfortable and light. Very tactical with lots of pockets. Highly recommend ????

  • 04/06/2021
    Cristina .B Verified buyer

    Excellent fit
    (Translated review)

  • 23/04/2021
    Heinrich G. Verified buyer

    Great fit
    (Translated review)

  • 31/01/2021
    Christian Q. Verified buyer

    Excellent shorts. Very comfortable and lightweight. Very practical with many pockets. Highly recommended
    (Translated review)

  • 18/05/2021
    Rafa X. Verified buyer

    Great fit
    (Translated review)

  • 04/02/2021
    Jerzy D. Verified buyer

    Excellent shorts. Very comfortable and lightweight. Very tactical with lots of pockets. Highly recommend
    (Translated review)