Trail Running Shoes With Progressive Drop

864 DROP CONTROL - Men's
Trail Running Shoes With Progressive Drop

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We all learn to walk, but do we ever learn how to run?

30% of runners get injured each year. Through years of bad habits, poorly matched footwear and technique, most runners learn to land heel first when they run, causing excessive shock to the body and reducing efficiency. 

CimAlp has created the first progressive drop trail running shoe, designed to improve performance without discomfort.

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864 Drop Control : RUN BETTER. SAFER. LONGER.

Many running shoes have a raised heel for comfort and padding, but this results in runners landing heel first. Reducing the height of the heel, or the drop, allows the runner to land midfoot, improving natural damping and encouraging a more efficient, natural stride.

CimAlp's 864 Drop Control trail running shoes are a world first concept, allowing the wearer to slowly progress to a lower drop and a more natural stride that improves performance and reduces discomfort.

1 shoe + 3 pairs of soles (progressive drops 8mm - 6mm - 4mm) allows you to evolve towards a more natural stride by gradually reducing the drop from 8m to 4mm. This progressive approach prevents injury risk while improving performance

Because all runners are different, we have set up a program with sports and health professionals of the sport and the health to help you progress gradually towards the lowest drop of 4mm.

Data sheet: versatility, dynamism and grip

The 864 is a versatile trail running shoe that combines flexibility, vibrancy and grip for miles, while maintaining runner integrity and shoe life through reinforcement and protection zones.

It has been specially designed to accommodate 3 different soles/drops, while keeping the quality of comfort and support:

Cut for all sizes, all terrains;
Suitable for short (15 / 20km), medium (40km) and long (up to 100km) runs;
VIBRAM soles: certified grip and durability;
Reinforced & ultra-resistant stone guard;
Breathable mesh upper for optimal ventilation;
Seamless rod construction;
Lycra slipper tongue with storage for laces.

Weight: 295g without soles / 325g in drop 8 / Size 42


Insulation ALL SEASONS
Weight 295g without soles / 325g in drop 8 / Size 42
Usage Trail Running, Fast-Hiking, Trekking, Ultra-light hiking
Technology VIBRAM sole
Breathability Totaly breathable
Key points Ultra-resistant, Universal (or neutral) stride
Shoes category Low rod
Fitting Classic
Sizing advice Regular - Choose your usual size

Expert Advice

Dr. Arthur Molique is a sports doctor and specialist in longitudinal monitoring of high-level athletes. 

Through a series of video interviews, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the concept of natural stride and different technical concepts of running.

A better understanding of running and the functioning of your body gives you the best chance to improve your stride, so that it is more natural and less traumatic over time.


Product review

  • Jacques D

    a little large for the tighs

  • patrick g

    Awesome tip top. Great pleasure

  • Sylvain L

    Very well!

  • Jean-Marie W

    For the moment satisfied with comfort.

  • Jean-Claude L

    Product not yet tested.Comfort when tried.Color a little too sober and dark.

  • Thierry S

    Very good, very satisfied at all levels, I can only recommend.

  • Jean P

    Can still be improved


    We do not know where the shoes are made.They are good but not extraordinary.They are not worth their price excluding promotion.No 1/2 size

  • Guy R

    Excellent foot hold.Ask me again in a month.

  • Canovas T

    Technical, simple, in a word Top