Lightweight Merino Socks

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Enjoy Merino Wool comfort!

These socks are light but built-to-last, and effectively remove any odour, kill germs and keep you fresh and clean.

They are made with chlorine-free 100% organic Merino Wool.


The extreme fineness of these socks' Merino Wool fibers makes them incredibly soft. Mixed with synthetic fibers, they are more durable.

Targeted cushioning and padding reduce the risk of getting blisters, aches and aid in shock absorbance

The Light Wool Light model is the choice for natural comfort.

How to choose your size :

S : 6
M : 7 - 8
L : 9 - 10
XL : 11 - 12

Nothing compares

Nothing compares

Comfort, protection against chafing, protection against cold or heat, quick drying, durability, absence of bad odors ... The ideal sock must have many qualities.

We have designed the Light Wool with this in mind:

- Seamless design to avoid heat spots;

- Anatomical shape left foot / right foot;

- Heel and toe reinforcements for increased durability;

Fabrics Merino wool 200g/m2
Usage Nordic walking, Hiking, Trekking
Key points Breathable with a feeling of freshness, Antibacterial, durably limits odours
Eco-friendly Bluesign® preserves natural resources and reduces the impact on the environment

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  • 18/01/2022
    pamela.i Verified buyer

    Poorly fitted they come down all the time. Really uncomfortable
    (Translated review)

  • 04/01/2022
    Celeste.M Verified buyer

    Great product warm and comfortable
    (Translated review)

  • 28/12/2021
    Giovanni.B Verified buyer

    All ok
    (Translated review)

  • 28/12/2021
    Giovanni.B Verified buyer

    All ok
    (Translated review)

  • 07/12/2021
    Patrizia.F Verified buyer

    light but warm, great buy
    (Translated review)

  • 01/12/2021
    Michele.P Verified buyer

    (Translated review)

  • 14/11/2021
    Rocco.G Verified buyer

    As a first impression a very good product
    (Translated review)

  • 14/08/2021
    Michele.M Verified buyer

    Excellent product
    (Translated review)

  • 09/07/2021
    Mirco.B Verified buyer

    Excellent product
    (Translated review)

  • 02/06/2021
    Lorenzo.R Verified buyer

    (Translated review)

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