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Foldable Hiking Poles

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Very practical, these 100% Carbon made foldable poles compact into five section (Z-pole), on 36cm, and are featuring the fast and reliable Easy-Lock® tightening system.

They are lightweight, but also extremely strong. Super easy to assemble. 

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EASY-LOCK® quick tightening system

If you walk or hike regularly, we strongly recommend a pair of trekking poles. Poles improve balance & posture, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence. 

This pair of hiking poles feature the Easy-lock® fast tightening system:

  • Easier and faster to set up, adjust and store;
  • Resistant to 100 kg of pressure;
  • 45% more efficient than screw-tightening system;

They also feature extended grips. The secondary, simpler grip allows you to change the position of your hands to maintain proper technique when needing a shorter pole (while traversing a slope, for example), without having to change the pole length.



The 2 poles come in a storage bag and suitable accessories for exploring various terrains:

  • 2 protective tips for walking on concrete
  • 2 Nordic walking tips
  • 2 Ski baskets which allow the pole to float on top of the snow
  • 2 trekking/snowshoeing baskets

Usage Nordic walking, Long distance hiking, Trekking
Key points Ultra-lightweight, Ultra-resistant

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