Foldable Hiking Poles

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Very practical, these 100% Carbon made foldable poles compact into five section (Z-pole), on 36cm, and are featuring the fast and reliable Easy-Lock® tightening system.

They are lightweight, but also extremely strong. Super easy to assemble. 


EASY-LOCK® quick tightening system

If you walk or hike regularly, we strongly recommend a pair of trekking poles. Poles improve balance & posture, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence. 

This pair of hiking poles feature the Easy-lock® fast tightening system:

  • Easier and faster to set up, adjust and store;
  • Resistant to 220 lbs of pressure;
  • 45% more efficient than screw-tightening system;

They also feature extended grips. The secondary, simpler grip allows you to change the position of your hands to maintain proper technique when needing a shorter pole (while traversing a slope, for example), without having to change the pole length.



The 2 poles come in a storage bag and suitable accessories for exploring various terrains:

  • 2 protective tips for walking on concrete
  • 2 Nordic walking tips
  • 2 Ski baskets which allow the pole to float on top of the snow
  • 2 trekking/snowshoeing baskets
  • 230g
  • Sizerun: minimum 45” and adjustable up to 51”




Weight 230g
Usage Nordic walking, Long distance hiking, Trekking
Key points Ultra-lightweight, Ultra-resistant

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  • 16/09/2021
    toby.h Verified buyer

    Not used in anger yet but the poles shipped from France with no issues. They look very high quality and are very light. The only negative was the fact that it took me half an hour to work out how to extend them properly for use. A user guide with them or video on the web site would have been helpful. Just need to go hiking now and get using them.

  • 24/05/2022
    Alberto.S Verified buyer

    Lightweight and functional
    (Translated review)

  • 09/06/2021
    Mario.C Verified buyer

    Tested yesterday in the field, great product I highly recommend them.
    (Translated review)

  • 23/05/2021
    Alexandra V. Verified buyer

    Tested outside yesterday, excellent product, I highly recommend them.
    (Translated review)

  • 18/06/2021
    Alicja M. Verified buyer

    Tested in the field yesterday, excellent product, highly recommend.
    (Translated review)