4 vacuum storage bags for travel

4 vacuum storage bags for travel

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2023-05-27 15:00:11 17.98 TRAVEL BAG

These bags enable you to save up to 70% more space and protect your items from water, odour and insects, making them ideal for travelling and trekking.

Save valuable place

Save 70% more space in your bag or suitcase!

It is simple: insert the items to be compacted into the bag and roll the bag up. The air leaves on its own and cannot get back in.

This effective solution means that your garments will stay dry, away from odours, insects, etc.

Perfect for travelling, but also day-to-day. Once you have purchased these bags, you will find endless uses for them.

Weight 217g with box
Backpack size or type Less than 30 litres
Fitting Classic
Sizing advice Regular - Choose your usual size

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  • 14/11/2019
    Dorian G Verified buyer


  • 30/10/2019
    Sarah J Verified buyer

    Not tested yet

  • 22/10/2019
    Laetitia M Verified buyer

    Not too compressive

  • 19/11/2019
    Carlo V Verified buyer

    Great idea but not tested yet
    (Translated review)

  • 02/11/2019
    Claudia G Verified buyer

    not yet tested
    (Translated review)

  • 28/10/2019
    Alessandro B Verified buyer

    Very practical product
    (Translated review)

  • 21/10/2019
    Dolores L Verified buyer

    bag of excellent quality, very convenient when you want to travel with a volume of luggage as small as possible
    (Translated review)

  • 14/11/2019
    Kathia W Verified buyer

    Very convenient according to my expectations.
    (Translated review)

  • 31/10/2019
    Vincenze R Verified buyer

    (Translated review)

  • 23/10/2019
    Silvia C Verified buyer

    This is the third time I've bought, so I'm very satisfied. It allows to reduce the volume. And also useful in humid countries. Keeps my belongings dry. It doesn't stay closed for a long time.
    (Translated review)

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