SILVA battery-powered ultra-trail front lamp

TRAIL SPEED 4XT - Men's, Women's
SILVA battery-powered ultra-trail front lamp

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New: Discover the ultimate lamp! Exceptional lighting power of up to 1200 lumens, a complete tether, helmet and bike system and a high battery life with 3.3Ah are its main assets to accompany you in your ULTRAS, bike or ski trips .


The Trail Speed 4XT lamp is an extremely light, compact and powerful front. This new version offers more power and binding solutions without adding weight. More ergonomic curls for a better fit of the headband as well as a hook plate for optimal distribution of battery weight will be assets in your night activities. The multiple hook solutions will allow you to carry your lamp in Ultra, ski or bike. - Frontales/trail-speed-4xt-matrix-matris-400x480.png' alt-''width'400' height-'480'



-SILVA Intelligent Light : Wide and diffuse beam near and far on the horizon -SILVA Flow Light: Automatically adapts lighting to your activity -Home systems: Tte, bicycle and helmet for multiple uses -Water-resistant: LAMP and battery IPX5, withstands heavy rain - lt.-ul-tet: Banndeau non-slip, helmet and bike -Battery: 7.4V 3.3Ah Li-Ion -Battery indicator: red/green LED -Beam: Intelligent Light -Bulbs: 2 HIGH power LEDs - 1 green/red LED -Recharge time: 4 hours via USB -Discharge time (battery): 5 hours in Max mode, 7.30am in Med mode, 8pm in Min mode - Lighting distance: 75m -Lighting mode: Max (1200lm), Med (600lm), Min (80lm) -Waterproof: IPX5 -Weight: 86g lamp and 173g battery - Accessories included: 3.3Ah battery, headband, helmet attachment, bike attachment, extension cord, USB cable, storage pouch, cable guide

Brand Silva
Weight 86g per lamp, 157g per battery
Usage Trail Running, Ski touring
Sizing advice TRAIL SPEED 4XT

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