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Marie Dorin-Habert is born in 1986 in Lyon. She's one of the most popular French sportswomen and has been shooting biathlon targets around the world for years.

Marie's international career runs from 2003 to 2018. She is Olympic mixed relay champion and bronze medallist in the women's relay in Pyeongchang in 2018, Olympic runner-up with the women's relay and sprint bronze medallist in Vancouver in 2010, five-time world champion, 16-time world championship medalist, and, last but not leat, won a total of seven World Cup!

She is now based in the highlands of Vercors, just a stone's throw from CIMALP's headquarters, where she and her husband opened a beautiful eco-responsible hotel (https://zecamp.fr/). She is also a popular consultant at L'Equipe 21 for Biathlon, and joined CIMALP in 2020 as an ambassador and technical advisor, in perfect line with her strong and sincere environmental skills and convictions.