CIMALP is a French brand founded in 1964, the brainchild of a mountain-lover, willing to manufacture quality mountain gear accessible to the largest number of outdoor enthusiasts.


50 years later, still located in the Vercors, French main Pre-Alps mountain massif, we develop and manufacture clothing and technical equipment for all outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, trekking or trail running. Having switched successfully to an online business model ten years ago, we are now more than ever in a position to uphold our founder’s philosophy, providing day by day highly technical mountain products at competitive prices. 

We are striving for excellence

Clothing is an essential point of spending quality time in the great outdoors. We work to ensure that your gear will always offer excellent thermal properties, maximum comfort, and pure pleasure. 

We’re obsessed about every little detail, every choice of material, every innovation. That’s why we are developing and producing our own fabrics and high-tech fibres. And that’s why CIMALP is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor clothing and equipment in Europe. A  consistent strategy rewarded by a French Outdoor Award (TRAIL category - Friedrischaffen 2015) for the Cyclone® technology that allows up to 10 times faster moisture transfer, or the ULTRASHELL® membrane, 8 times more breathable than a regular hard-shell membrane, and at the same time 20'000 Schmerber water resistant. 

Sustainable materials and processes

Our mission is not only to create the best, but also the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, and to educate and inspire those around us to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow.


With great awareness of the environmental impact of materials, we are pioneering material innovation to come up with sustainable, low-impact alternatives, which help the environment, but don’t compromise on quality. By limiting the impact of our manufacturing processes (materials selection, toxic waste suppression) but also of our products (our membranes are 100% PCF-Free), making every effort to engineer sustainable clothing able to mix pleasure and conscious consumption.

Doing more and better with less. 

CIMALP, we are Mountains.