Arm sleeves for Trail-Running

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When you need a bit of extra warmth, our knitted arm warmers provide great fit and super light, packable protection for your arms.

Most arm warmers are designed for cycling, not running. They are usually made of thick brushed fabric, because air movement is higher when cycling.

CIMALP's RUN SLEEVES arm warmers offer just the right amount of warmth, are really effective and a great winter layering option.

The essential accessories

The RUN SLEEVES arm warmers can be worn all year round. Extremely lightweight, they can pack down to be stored in a jersey pocket until a cold descent or as the sun drops.

Whether worn during warm-ups, early morning starts, or as a last resort backup if the weather suddenly changes, they are an essential for any exacting Trail Runner.

Insulation ALL SEASONS
Usage Fast-Hiking, Ultra-light hiking, Trail Running
Stretchability High
Sun protection Good - 30 UPF

Product review

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  • 22/11/2021
    Ricky.D Verified buyer

    Indispensable especially in the mid-season for departures with the cold and then the temperature rises over the hours.
    (Translated review)

  • 07/07/2021
    Igor.M Verified buyer

    They look nice, but not used yet
    (Translated review)

  • 07/04/2021
    Leonardo.B Verified buyer

    (Translated review)

  • 07/04/2021
    Franco.B Verified buyer

    I used them for an outing in the mountains and found them to be excellent, the material is good too, they don't tighten too much and are quite warm.
    (Translated review)

  • 15/03/2021
    domenico.T Verified buyer

    The best
    (Translated review)

  • 26/10/2020
    Davide.S Verified buyer

    Excellent fit and wearability even with prolonged use....
    Good compression and excellent heaviness ...
    (Translated review)

  • 01/06/2021
    Oscar.V Verified buyer

    Very good
    (Translated review)

  • 18/01/2021
    Pello.b Verified buyer

    I haven't tried them yet, but they look good.
    (Translated review)

  • 31/03/2021
    Elise T. Verified buyer

    (Translated review)

  • 30/03/2021
    Werner P. Verified buyer

    I used them for a trip to the mountains. The material is good, they do not stretch too much and are warm enough.
    (Translated review)

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