Hiking shorts

It's no secret that Cimalp's versatile trail-to-town hiking shorts are light, comfortable, sturdy and stretchable.Featuring effective fabrics such as 3D-Flex®, Quick Dry®, Kevlar®, ripstop, let's find the right model for your favourite outdoor activity.

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What do I need to know before buying hiking shorts?

Hiking shorts are a fantastic bit of kit to throw on when the weather and conditions are right – ultra-light, airy and practical, they maximise your freedom of movement. From mountain trails to town-based excursions or a post-hike social, technical hiking shorts are available in a host of fabrics and with numerous features, so you can enjoy your favourite outdoor activities in total comfort.

While the beauty of wearing shorts for hikes and treks may be their simplicity, they’re nevertheless sophisticated in their construction. The nature and cut of shorts lend themselves to freedom of movement, and manufacturers extend this quality further using stretch panels, inserts and innovative materials. The extent that differently weighted stretch fabrics are used can create widely differing characteristics, from ultra lightweight mountain shorts that are ideal for speed hiking and trail running, to sturdier shorts with multiple pockets and more selective use of stretch materials, ideally suited to longer treks and wider seasonal use.

Hi-tech materials and treatments deliver numerous other performance gains to the humble hiking short. The longer you’re out in the great outdoors, the more important sun protection becomes. Look out for a high UPF rating to make sure yours are suitable for your (hopefully) hot summer treks. As well as UV protection, many technical shorts are made of advanced fabrics that include treatments against mountain hikers’ common enemies such as ticks and mosquitoes, making them ideal for adventures from spring right through to autumn.

Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment is another feature to look out for. DWR helps prevent moisture and stains, so your shorts stay looking good even on tough mountain hikes and extended trips – and they’ll dry incredibly quickly if you need to give them a quick wash. Some quick drying fabrics are also anti-bacterial and odourless, again adding to their practicality and wearability out on the trail. Featuring the same variety of technical advances, lightweight women's hiking skirt-shorts are also available, providing a comfortable and stylish summer mountainware option.