Travel T-Shirts

CimAlp has been is designing comfortable, stretchable, durable, compactable and easy-to-maintain trekking T-shirts for almost any situation.
Featuring innovative technologies such as 3D-Flex®, Cooldry®, Merino Wool, UV protection they are anything but basic t-shirts.

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What do I need to know before buying a t-shirt for travelling?

Travel t-shirts are sure to be amongst your most worn pieces of kit, whether you’re off exploring far flung corners of the globe, trekking somewhere closer to home, or finding a micro-adventure in your own backyard. 

T-shirts are perfect for so many situations on your travel adventures. For general lifestyle and urban use, the visual design of your travel t-shirt is paramount – this is down to personal tastes, so there’s no advice we can offer on that! Nevertheless, we do suggest you balance your design preferences with technical performance

There’s nothing like the soft, natural feel of cotton next to the skin, but the fact is that many innovative fabrics outperform it. For a start, cotton t-shirts absorb and retain moisture and odours like a sponge – not the freshest feeling when you’re travelling – and need ironing after washing. 

You’ll find that many travel t-shirts are made using a blend of cotton and man made fibres. Some CimAlp t-shirts mix cotton with Cooldry® fibres, while other brands will offer their own blends. 

Travel t-shirts: the advantages of cotton and man made fibre blends

Soft, comfortable and fresh feel

Fast drying



High UV protection

Odour resistant

Here at CimAlp we’re big advocates of the use of innovative, technical fabrics in outdoor clothing – especially when used to enhance natural products. For example, fine merino wool offers superb, natural thermal protection ideal for travel t-shirts, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Mix the merino with expertly chosen man made fibres, and performance only increases.

Choose a t-shirt in one of these merino fibre mixes to get the best of both worlds: a naturally soft, warm and breathable garment that also wicks moisture away from the body effectively, dries quickly, is odour-resistant and easily washable. Besides looking great in town, these travel t-shirts are sure to perform like champions during your trekking and hiking outings.