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with great experience of demanding terrains, multi-day treks and challenging conditions or environments.

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What do I need to know before buying travelling clothing?

Travelling and trekking mean freedom: the freedom to explore and experience new places, challenges and environments.

You can’t carry much with you – minimalism is to the fore – so the few possessions, clothing and pieces of kit you take along for the ride have to be worth their weight in gold. Whether you’re going solo or travelling with a bunch of mates, clothing like a good travel jacket will become your new best friend – so choose wisely. You’ll value different performance characteristics according to where you’re headed, and when. An array of smart, technical fabrics enable jackets to combine multiple qualities, keeping you warm and dry and having the durability to maintain performance even when they endure some rough treatment. Specialist travel clothing items are available to ensure that you go the distance on your treks and travel. Depending on your travel or trekking destination and activities, you may want to look for practical features like treated materials that offer protection from bugs, the sun or rain, or trousers with removeable legs so you can adapt easily to temperature changes.

From travel waistcoats and trousers with multiple pockets and storage options, to sunhats with neck protection, technical headbands and socks, look for clothing that’s light, stretchy, comfortable and easy to maintain. Remember too that you want everything to pack up small, so you still have room in your pack for a special item or two. When you’re on the road or the trail, your travel pack carries and protects your worldly possessions.

Again, your pack is a personal choice that will depend as much on you as on the practical needs it has to meet. From a simple daypack for a fast and light escape, to a hydration system or larger travel pack laden with technical features for a longer or more challenging adventure, capacity and carrying comfort are your starting points.

If you’re looking to discover new places and experiences, take a look at CimAlp’s comprehensive range of travel clothing and accessories.