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CimAlp has been manufacturing coats and jackets for hiking and mountain activities since 1964.
Featuring attractive designs and fabrics such as Softshell®, Hardshell®, Primaloft®, Thermopolar®. Our hiking jackets are warm, rainproof, breathable, comfortable and durable.

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What do I need to know before buying a hiking jacket?

When you head for the hills, a technical hiking jacket is one of the most important pieces of equipment to take with you. There’s a huge range of mountain jackets available catering for different conditions and uses – each offers different features and performance characteristics, so choosing the right one for you is vital to your comfort, enjoyment and safety.

To stay dry on your hike, you’ll need a suitably rainproof jacket. A variety of advanced waterproofing technologies are on offer, combining varying degrees of rain protection with breathability, durability, packability and weight.

How you prioritise these depends on you and the type of hiking or other mountain activity you’re undertaking. 

Don’t assume that all ‘waterproof’ hiking jackets provide the same level of protection. Industry standards provide an objective way to assess just how waterproof a jacket is: hydrostatic head and Schmerbers are two of the most commonly listed measures of waterproofness amongst outdoor equipment manufacturers. CimAlp’s patented Ultrashell® membrane for instance, is waterproof to 20,000 Schmerbers, making it suitable for the toughest weather conditions.

Depending on you and the intensity of your activity, the breathability of your hiking jacket may be as important as its waterproofness. You need a jacket that keeps you warm when the outside temperature drops, but you don’t want to overheat – and you don’t want moisture from your body to get trapped inside your layers. A softshell jacket is a great solution, with high breathability, and the flexibility to be worn on its own, or as a comfy mid-layer under your rainproof hardshell jacket. 

Versatility and ease of movement are top of the agenda with so called stretch hiking jackets. These use fabrics with a high degree of elasticity to achieve a flattering and comfortable fit. The degree and type of stretch can vary, with some specialist fabrics providing compression support. Lighter fabrics often feature 4-way stretch, heavier ones 2-way. Some manufacturers even offer hiking jackets that stretch in 3 dimensions: 3D-Flex is the name of CimAlp’s high performance in-house stretch fabric that we use in some of our technical products.