CimAlp has been designing outdoor equipment since 1964. Our range of Trail-running accessories includes backpacks, water bags, socks with anti-blister technology, caps, shoes ...
All tested by top athletes on the most demanding races.

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Trail Running Accessories

There are a variety of accessories that can enhance your trail experience during and after the run. CimAlp cooperates with Osprey because the brand stands for the best quality. On the trail, a high-quality backpack like the  Osprey Duro is a perfect companion, as it integrates a compartment for water bubbles. The backpacks are designed to provide high-performance and trail running runners with enough space for drinks, clothing, provisions and equipment. They are extremely comfortable and breathable - even when it gets right to the point. Several stretch and zipper compartments allow easy access to equipment and provisions – even while running.

Our super comfortable headbands, pulse warmers and beanies provide more warmth – while our stylish caps offer you ideal sun protection and look great. Our sports sunglasses also convince with excellent sun protection. Best of all, you can customize them yourself. Discover thousands of possible combinations! We only use high quality materials and lenses, so all our glasses offer 100% UV protection. The glasses also convince with their wraparound style, which protects you from sun exposure all around. So, your eyes are perfectly and stylishly protected outdoors at the same time. 

Our range also integrates high-quality compression socks that support your muscles during and after training and promote venous reflux. If you run a lot, the CIMALP 3D compression socks significantly reduce the feeling of heavy legs. These socks use targeted compression areas. The venous reflux and oxygen supply to the muscles are improved. This reduces signs of exhaustion. Their seamless construction adapts perfectly to the shape of the calf without causing pain. Thus, muscle soreness complaints can be reduced.

CIMALP 3D compression socks can be worn at any time of the day, but especially during and after physical exertion or when flying. Also, for after training we offer compression socks, which can prevent muscle complaints. 

Trail running is an intense sport that requires a lot of strength and endurance. With the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of your top performance.