Trail Shorts and Trousers

It's no secret that Cimalp's Trail-running shorts are light, breathable and comfortable. Trail running trousers are rain protective and stretchable.
Featuring effective fabrics such as 3D-Flex®, Ultrashell® they support your muscles and don't hamper your movements

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What do I need to know before buying Trail shorts or trousers?

Purpose designed technical trail shorts and trousers help maximise your enjoyment of running. Equipped with suitable trail trousers, you’ll be more comfortable and perform better, whether you’re out running in remote mountainous areas, or in more urban environments closer to home. 

Trail running shorts use similar fabrics to their road running cousins, but their designs vary: running in exposed, rugged terrain presents different challenges. As well as needing to be light, breathable and comfortable, trail running shorts usually sport a longer cut to provide more coverage and protection against wind and rain. More and deeper pockets to carry essential snacks and kit are a real asset, and ‘2 in 1’ designs combine a longer lycra style inner with a more traditional short-style outer. Technical stretch fabrics maximise freedom of movement and performance through optimal compression and muscle support, helping you avoid cramps and muscle pain during your trail run. And the best fabrics provide excellent wind and rain protection, breathability and thermal properties, so you stay as fresh and dry and possible, even when you’re working to the max. 

Being close to nature is a fundamental part of the trail running buzz. It’s as much meditation as it is workout, combining sustained concentration as you run over constantly varying ground, with an enhanced sense of connection with your emotions as well as the natural environment around you. 

Longer trail running trousers are available for when conditions get cooler, windier and wetter, ensuring you maintain your focus and enjoyment regardless. Seamless ‘flatlock’ stitching maximises next to skin comfort, antibacterial treatments resist odours, and multi-panel designs combine muscle compression with warmth, durability and packability.

Whether you go for a ¾ or full length design, innovative construction and materials have taken trail running trousers to a new level, making them ideal for a range of other demanding outdoor sports including cross-country skiing, ski touring and ultra-light hiking.