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CimAlp is manufacturing light, rainproof, breathable trail-running jackets for exacting runners.
Thanks to fabrics such as Ultrashell® they offer top-notch protection ratings and are ITRA approved, without the premium prices.

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What do I need to know before buying a Trail jacket ?

A good trail running jacket will help keep you at the top of your game: trail running works your legs, upper body and cardiovascular system hard, while mentally you need to maintain concentration to choose your line and safely negotiate rugged ground. 

So what should you look for in your trail running jacket? Essentially, you want some of the qualities of a hiking jacket, but in a much more lightweight package. You want something that provides protection against the wind and rain, is sufficiently breathable for the intensity you’ll be working at, and that packs down small – really small. And zipped pockets and closures can be vital for carrying supplies and adjusting ventilation on the hoof.

Most of all you need to choose a jacket suited to the trail running you do and the conditions you do it in: in the winter, warmth is critical, while in wetter climates you’ll prioritise waterproofness. What will you be carrying and where will you put it? Do you need some reflectivity for safety? And will a gilet suffice, keeping your upper body warm while maximising your movement, or do you need a jacket with full arms and maybe a hood? For cold but dry conditions, a technical fleece layer or softshell jacket may be the answer.

Given the workout your upper body gets in the course of a trail run, comfort is key – so look at what the jacket is made of. Stretchable fabrics add a dynamic feel to trail running jackets, and look for durable materials in the right areas – if you’re wearing a backpack, the shoulder and back areas benefit from tougher finishes. If your budget allows, there are some advanced, multi-layer technical fabrics on the market that combine incredible waterproofness and breathability, at a low weight. 

Finally, respected independent trail running bodies such as the ITRA add their approval mark to certain jackets, offering you assurance that you’re buying a quality product.