Hiking clothing

CimAlp has been working since 1964 with mountain guides to develop a range of quality and highly efficient hiking clothes.
It includes jackets, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, fleeces, puffer jackets, baselayers and socks.

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Hiking clothing

What could be better than being out in the great outdoors in the mountains? With the right equipment, hiking is even more fun. Our high-quality hiking clothing is breathable, durable and thought out down to the smallest detail. So, you are also perfectly prepared for sudden weather changes.

Our hiking jackets are made of softshell or hardshell. Softshell is more flexible than hardshell and often integrates fleece, while our best hardshell jackets consist of three welded layers. These make them particularly waterproof. Our jackets made of 3D Strong material with integrated face mask also offer a high level of protection against the elements. The right jacket for outdoors must be adapted to the weather and terrain. It is important for high comfort and safety. To stay dry on the hike, you need a rainproof and waterproof jacket. There are a variety of advanced waterproof technologies with different degrees of rain protection. Depending on the material, they also offer high breathability. Of course, the materials must be resistant and durable, easy to store and convincing with ease. The functions of the jacket should be tailored to activity and hiking. 

On demanding hikes, the breathability of the hiking jacket plays an important role. You need a jacket that keeps you warm – but in which you don't overheat. Moisture must be able to escape through the material to the outside so that it can evaporate. 

Versatility and freedom of movement are our top priorities. And of course, our fabrics should help to regulate your body temperature perfectly. Our Merino baselayers are super comfortable and keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Some special fabrics also offer compression support. 

And of course, our Zip-Off pants are practical when you are outside in changeable weather. 

For short and more relaxed hikes, we recommend our lightweight yet insulating jackets, which are not only perfect for hiking, but also for Nordic walking. They are very elastic and offer maximum freedom of movement – and look super chic.