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Tested all year long by our Elite Team (ITRA ranking from 800 to 829) they are light, breathable, protective and above all, highly comfortable.

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What do I need to know before buying Trail Running clothing?

Trail running is a whole lot of fun.

You can cover more ground in a short space of time than hiking, flow freely through natural terrain, overcome all sorts of obstacles, and give your soul an instant recharge. From rocks, mud and sand, to streams, rivers, wind, sun and rain, trail running is an exhilarating way to experience and be at one with the great outdoors. As trail running attracts more and more fans, so the range of specialist gear available has grown. And not without good reason: to enjoy it to the full you need to be kitted out with technical trail wear that keeps you performing, comfortable and safe.

Trails can take you to some amazing places for sure, but you also need to make sure you’re prepared for whatever your run throws at you! These days there’s a wide selection of trail running shoes on the market, designed specifically for the needs of different trails. Finding the right shoe for you is a highly personal choice linked your preferences, physiology, running style, and the terrain you’ll be on, with factors such as the outsole and insole profiles, shoe weight, breathability, waterproofness and technical materials all needing to be considered alongside your budget. As a runner exploring remote places, you’ll appreciate a high performance trail jacketQualities to look out for include jackets that are lightweight and packable, rainproof, and with the breathability you need. To see whether a trail jacket is as good as it looks, check whether it carries approvals from respected independent trail running bodies, such as the ITRA.

Trail specific shorts, trousers and t-shirts mean your trail run can be more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. New materials offer you trail clothing that’s both comfortable and protective, and have helped make innovative compressionware possible, like trail socks and sleeves that support your muscles and performance. A host of accessories are available to enhance your trail running experience. From hydration backpacks to headlamps, sunglasses and more, these items enable you to make the most of every precious second of freedom you get out on the trail.