Anti-Blister Socks

Good shoes are important, but good technical socks can also make a big difference in your comfort and your performance. Our technical walking and running socks are designed for comfort, support and ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry whatever your activity. 

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Anti-Blister Socks

Hiking socks are great investments — one that ought to pay off ten times with a superior hiking experience. Like most investments, you presumably need to guarantee you get the best possible deal while purchasing hiking socks.

Hiking can give a huge scope of advantages — for your safety, attitude, and by and large prosperity. In any case, it isn't great for your feet. Quite possibly the most widely recognized issue connected with hiking is blisters.

You may feel like you have gone through everything to prevent blisters. You might have evaluated countless boots, conversed with boot reps, and asked your hiking mates; despite everything stopping your way through climbs, you could have failed to remember the key fixing: Anti-Blister Socks.

With the right sets of socks, blisters and problem areas might be thing of the past, permitting you to completely partake in that mountain sunset as opposed to staying in camp.

Breathability and moisture management - are the two significant features of base layers that rely upon the texture. The material which the sock is made of ought to empower wicking - drawing wetness away from the foot.

You need to have some additional cushioning, particularly around the impact point and around the forefoot where the sock needs to have somewhat more padded where there's a great deal of pressure. This is extraordinary for high-sway exercises, for example, trail running and exploring.

Wearing a decent shoe is significant, yet having great Anti-Blister Socks can truly have a work regarding comfort and performance.

CIMALP have specialized socks for hiking or trail running guarantee comfort, backing, and breathability, so you generally have dry feet in whatever outdoor activity you do.