French Montagnard

Have you ever heard of the word "Montagnard"? It is a colourful and authentic French word used to describe people living high up in the Mountains and facing dema nding climatic conditions. A word full of meaning and values: authenticity, solidarity, humility. In 1964, CIMALP's founders were real true Montagnards. Since then, we all try to live up to this heritage and our new Trail Running "French Montagnard" collection is no exception. This heritage reaching far beyond the status of being a French national character, the collection features 20 timeless and highly technical pieces designed to inspire trail runners of all ages, genders and nationalities. Trail Runners driven by nature and authencity, even when chasing the clock.


Trail running interests you – and you're thinking about starting this unique sport? An excellent idea! Trail running is challenging and intense. This is one of the best features of the sport. Because you always have to be 100 % focused on yourself and your environment, so that all everyday worries take a back seat. In addition, you are in the great outdoors in the fresh air and push your entire cardiovascular system. Trail running is real relaxation for body and mind.

If you want to start with trail running and are looking for suitable products with an excellent price-performance ratio, this page is the right place for you. To support you, we have put together some products that are perfect for getting started in the sport. 

Of course, our specially developed 864 DROP EVOLUTION shoe should not be missing in this set. We are very proud of this shoe: the soles can be replaced. They come in different thicknesses (8 – 4 mm). This means more freedom and flexibility.

Gradually, the running technique can be adjusted so that you land on the forefoot or midfoot while running. The body's natural shock absorption can thus be restored. The shoe is full of highly effective technologies and offers optimal protection and stability on trails. The VIBRAM® MEGAGRIP outsole, for example, ensures excellent grip properties on dry and wet terrain while maintaining high durability.

And our T-shirts are functional and stylish at the same time. They convince with perfect moisture management, so that you stay dry even with intensive effort. This is ensured, among other things, by the fluted texture and the smooth fiber surface, which feels particularly soft and supple. With the straight, classic cuts, the shirts offer optimal freedom of movement - for more comfort. They also integrate the CIMAFRESH® treatment, which prevents the spread of odors and bacteria. CIMAFRESH® provides odor control based on silver salts. In combination with the moisture-wicking properties of the tissue, the treatment helps to keep the skin dry and reduce the development of odor-causing bacteria. CIMAFRESH® is also our most powerful treatment with the least environmental impact.

In addition to the T-shirts, our entry-level range includes ultra-light and breathable trail running shorts. These convince with a perfect fit, a zippered pocket and a drawstring. Soft and comfortable, they are perfect for running thanks to their elasticity and durability. 

Start now with our high-quality trail running products – and discover a whole new running feeling.