Thermal Jackets

Warm and breathable, those jackets provide optimal protection when it’s cold outside without overheating. Spring, Fall, Winter, whether you wear them alone or as a mid-layer under a rainproof jacket, their fit, warmth and moisture management will quickly make them your favourites.

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Thermal Trail Running Jackets | The perfect balance

You want to keep your body warm, yet you don’t want to overheat. Let's understand how some effective fabrics can help.

Warm, but not to warm

Finding your next favorite warm running jacket will make a huge difference in your motivation to get out when it's cold outside. Because you’ll warm up as you move, always think about a relatively light insultation.

Warm, but not only

An insulated or thermal jacket will keep your core temperature where it should be. This means you also need to choose the right baselayer to wear with. But remember: You’re still working out, and you’re still going to sweat, even if it’s absolutely freezing. Sweat-wicking fabrics are key to keeping you comfortable for the duration of your run.