Windproof Jackets

It is advisable to take functional clothing with you and to pack a windproof jacket to face any weather conditions and to help keep the chill of the wind off you when running.

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Don't like running in the wind?

Wind is often considered the least favourable weather to run in, however our wearing the right jacket can help you brave the elements.

Against the wind, but not only

Chill can cause considerable heat loss. A windproof jacket is then the perfect protection to take with on unpredictable days. Packable and lightweight, you can also use them when going to start long descent. Always think twice when considering the size. Go for tight fitting running jackets that don’t blow around in the wind.

Windproof vs. wind-resistant

When test results exceed a 50 km/h wind-protection the jacket is said to be windproof. If below, it is said to be wind-resistant. This is often an ultralight garment that easily stuffs into a pocket but it won’t offer much protection in a full-fledged storm.