Warm Trousers

Warm and breathable, those trousers provide optimal protection when it’s cold outside without overheating. Spring, Fall, Winter, their fit, warmth and moisture management will quickly make them your favourites.

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Thermal trousers | Warm, but not only

If you’re doing lots of winter walking, you’ll want something warm, yet lightweight and breathable.

All-round models

The goal of warm pants is to provide an optimal body climate during cold-days sports such as winter hiking, snowshoeing, nordic skiing. They also offer protection and optimal comfort during tours and climbs in the mountains.

A matter of balance

Insulation often requires a smart mix of different materials, such as warm inner linings (fleece...), windproof and waterproof membranes, laminates... So that your body not only stays comfortably warm but also dry during winter sports. Too cold or too wet? With the right winter trousers, this won't be a problem anymore.