Windproof Jackets

It is advisable to take functional clothing with you and to pack a windproof jacket to face any weather conditions and to help keep the chill of the wind off you.

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Windproof Jackets | Stay warm

Windproof fabrics are fabrics that don't let the wind through. They are very useful to avoid feeling cold. Fabrics are made windproof by weaving them very tightly, so that the gaps between the threads are too small for air to pass through at speed. 

Windproof vs. wind-resistant

When test results exceed a 50 km/h wind-protection the jacket is said to be windproof. If below, it is said to be wind-resistant. This is often an ultralight garment that easily stuffs into a pocket but it won’t offer much protection in a full-fledged storm.

Windproof and breathable

If you plan to hike, climb, camp, walk, kayak, or backpack in windy conditions, a lightweight windbreaker is an essential purchase. It blocks the wind well and breathes nicely when you’re working up a sweat.

Think about a Gilet

If you’ve spent half your life wondering how to pronounce the word gilet, you’re not alone. As a French word we concede it may be a little confusing. No doubt yet that it is a worthwhile exercise as a gilet (believe our 60-year experience...) is one of of the mid seasons' essentials when considering hiking, trail running or travelling. Gilets keep your core warm without restricting movement, great for active travel in colder climes, trail running trainings when the wind is strong, hiking when the temperatures are changing.