Rainproof Jackets

Stay dry with our rainproof jackets through every season. Our advanced waterproofing technologies provide high-end protection whether you are going out for a few hours or a multi-day adventure.

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Ultrashell®, Hardshell or Softshell | Which membrane to choose?

Protective clothing (so called "3rd layers") are key technical pieces for your outdoor and mountain activities. Isolation, waterproofness, breathability, lightness are all important criteria of choice, to protect you effectively from different weather conditions.

The well-named "Ultrashell®"

Patented by Cimalp, the Ultrashell® membrane is unique on the market. It features a strong 3-layer membrane and is waterproof to 20,000 Schmerbers, breathable to 80,000 g/m2/24h, totally windproof. Would you be willing to face the most demanding weather conditions, ULTRASHELL is made for you.

Hardshell vs Softshell

Hardshell jackets are waterproof and windproof, primarily designed to keep you dry in rain. And they are slightly breathable. Yet, their ability to do so is closely tied to the other layers, to the outside temperature, and to the relative humidity. If you are hiking in rain and wearing too many warm layers, you will probably get wet under the shell from your own sweat. That's why it is important that your jacket features pit zips or your trousers feature tigh zips to vent more moisture.

On the opposite, if you are hiking in cold wet rain and not wearing warm layers under the shell, you could feel the cold. This is where Softshell clothes come into play. Featuring an inner polar lining, they are warmer, and generally much more breathable. One would say they are the right choice for any outdoor activity then.

Almost ... Except that they are not waterproof, but water-resistant. Actually their fabric is waterproof enough (generally 10,000 Schmerbers) to protect you, but not their seams, which are not sealed.