Middle layers and fleeces

Find the most effective mid layers from Cimalp. The Mid layer is designed to keep warm air close to the body and should also carry on the good work of the base layer in moving moisture away from skin surface. Cimalp's mid-layers are everything you need whatever your outdoor activity is.

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What do I need to know before buying a mid-layer for travelling?

Mid-layers and fleeces build on the work started by your baselayer, trapping heat close to your body and continuing the transfer of moisture away from your skin towards your outer shell. Insulation and breathability are therefore key properties to look out for.

You’ll find a huge variety of travel clothing falling under the moniker of mid-layers and fleeces, encompassing any item you wear between your baselayer and top layer. Depending on where your travels take you and what activities you’re pursuing, your mid-layer could be a single item like a heavy fleece, or a combination of items, such as a lighter fleece worn with an insulating gilet or jacket. Whatever conditions you encounter on your travels, adjusting your mid-layer should enable you to adapt and stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Mid-layers are available in numerous materials, weights and designs. Wool is a natural option for your travel wardrobe and ticks many boxes – it’s a great insulator, is breathable and water resistant, and will continue to keep you warm even if it gets wet. It’s not the lightest or most compact though, which is where fleece comes in.

Fleece travel clothing

Fleeces are made from polyester, and come in a range of weights – the higher the number, the heavier, thicker and warmer it will be. They’re available in every configuration you can imagine – think zips, pockets, hood, gilet, etc – and are great for travel as they resist wrinkles and creases so can be packed away in tight spaces, while anti-odour treatments ensure they stay fresh for longer . 

Fleeces have always provided good insulation and breathability, and these days they frequently incorporate a number of different materials, creating technical, high performance travel clothing. The use of stretch fabrics has brought real benefits, simultaneously improving freedom of movement while improving warmth and moisture control. Windproof models take fleeces to another level, making for even greater versatility and reducing the times you need to wear an outer layer.