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Find the most effective mid layers from Cimalp. The Mid layer is designed to keep warm air close to the body and should also carry on the good work
of the base layer in moving moisture away from skin surface. Cimalp's mid-layers are everything you need whatever your outdoor activity is.

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What do I need to know before buying a fleece or a mid-layer?

Once you’ve got your next-to-skin thermal baselayer sorted, you need to decide what to wear on top of it. Mid-layers and fleeces are all about building your core warmth, and there’s a huge range of options out there to suit every type of outdoor activity and mountain sport, from hiking and trail running to skiing, climbing, or whatever your favourite challenge entails.

Your mid-layer or fleece continues the good work started by your baselayer. Fleece is an efficient synthetic insulator that traps air and heat close to your body. It’s primary purpose is to lock-in warmth, but it also needs to be breathable. You want it to transfer moisture outwards as efficiently as possible, and to be fast drying so that if it does get wet, it won’t stay that way for long.

Match the thickness, insulation, and overall warmth of your mid-layer or fleece to the conditions and intensity of your activity, so you’re nice and warm – but not too hot. And as for your baselayer, avoid cotton as it takes heat away from your body, staying wet as it soaks up and holds sweat.

Fleece is more than just breathable and a great insulator – it’s also light and compressible, so is well suited to being crammed into a small space in your pack. It comes in a range of thicknesses: lighter weight jerseys and gilets for active use often use the 100 weight, while warmer jackets will be made of the 200 or a heavier grade fleece, ready for when you stop for a break or conditions get really chilly. 

Many fleece items now incorporate stretch fabrics and are highly windproof, further upping performance on the comfort and warmth fronts, so in cold and windy conditions you may not even need to wear your outer shell. Depending on the product you choose, you’ll also find other features like different zip lengths, pockets, and anti-bacterial finishes so it resists nasty smells.

Pleasingly for everyone who enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, many mid-layer and fleece garments are made from a high proportion of recycled material (some 100%), making them a more sustainable and responsible choice.