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What do I need to know before buying hiking clothing?

The outdoors is one fantastic playground – and while being in the mountains is fun, we also know they have to be respected.

When you’re heading out on a hiking adventure you need to be prepared on every front: with your fitness and technical abilities, route plans, navigational skills and safety measures, for starters. You also want to be properly equipped with the best hiking clothing and accessories, which means taking carefully selected, truly comfortable, high performance items that you trust… because your life could literally depend on them.

A comfortable, high quality hiking jacket should be one of the first items on your packing list: never leave the trailhead without one. Even when the weather forecast suggests a hiking jacket won’t be needed, pack one anyway. Of course you want a jacket that looks good, but make sure this is matched by its performance. Look for innovative design features and technical fabrics, and ensure your hiking jacket is suitable for the conditions you will encounter – will it be warm enough, tough enough, provide sufficient protection against the wind and rain, and be breathable enough to remain dry on the inside when you’re working really hard?

If you need more warmth on your hiking trip, nothing beats an insulated puffer jacket. Puffer jackets really deliver on the temperature front, and they’re brilliantly packable, too. These days, modern technical insulation rivals traditional down alternatives, and has your back even when the weather turns wet. Thermal base layers are another good addition for staying warm in the mountains, with a choice of amazing fabrics that help regulate your temperature, while transferring any moisture out. Just add a mid-layer such as a fleece to your layering system to keep the moisture travelling outwards, while you remain cosy and warm!

Don’t ignore your legs when choosing clothing for your trip: they’re doing most of the work, so you’ll appreciate the difference comfortable hiking trousers, shorts or a skirt can make. You want these to be light yet sturdy, quick drying and stretchable so they move with your body. And if you’re expecting to encounter any nasty bugs on your hike, lookout for a new wave of clever technical fabrics that keep them at bay.

For high performance, technical hiking clothing and accessories that have been tested under the most gruelling mountain conditions, have a look at the CimAlp range.