Ski Salopettes

CimAlp's ski salopettes are designed in France and feature fabrics such as Softshell®, Hardshell®, 3D-Flex®... To help you face even the most difficult weather conditions.

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What do I need to know before buying a ski salopette?

One of the many pleasures of winter sports is facing down cold temperatures and other hazards. Choosing the right legwear is a big step towards comfort, performance and enjoying your endeavours, and ski salopettes are an item well worth considering. 

Salopettes: a versatile sub-category of ski trousers

Ski salopettes are a popular and highly versatile sub-category of ski trousers – essentially trousers with over-the-shoulder braces. This feature alone makes them amazingly comfortable to wear, as the braces and high waistline design avert the need for the waist to be drawn in tight to stay up!

While the fit and style of ski salopettes varies from standard ski pants, they perform exactly the same function. You want them to keep you dry, sufficiently (but not too) insulated, be highly breathable, and to encourage all the freedom of movement you need while out on the snow. Their use doesn’t need to be limited to skiing either: if you’re up for long snowy hikes or mountaineering in cooler climes, salopettes can provide the perfect option.

Choosing your ski salopettes

When choosing your ski salopettes, look for multi-layer, super stretchy construction. The use of fabrics such as CimAlp’s own 3D-Flex®, when combined with smart ‘body mapping’ design, can ensure that nothing impedes your flow and movement. 

Skiing can be tough on your gear, so you need your legwear to be durable. Check for stretch and reinforcement (look for the use of technical, high performance fabrics like Kevlar® stretch) in all the key areas of your salopettes, including the lower leg (especially where the trousers may contact with your boots and skis), knees and bottom. Integrated powder gaiters are essential, so make sure they’re included.

Other ski salopette features to look out for

You’ll find some fantastically well specified softshell ski salopettes available. Seek out those featuring multiple layers to deliver all the functionality you need – protection from the wind, water repellence and breathability. Ventilation zips are great for helping to manage body temperature under different conditions, while top notch models will include a Recco reflector for security, helping mountain rescue teams locate a wearer caught in an avalanche