Stay warm and dry with CimAlp's baselayers. Designed with ground-breaking fabrics such as merino wool, bamboo and silk,
our baselayers provide effective heat, advanced insulation and moisture-transfer.

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What do I need to know before buying a baselayer for Skiing?

Selecting the best clothing for your skiing adventure starts with the layer right next to your skin – your baselayer. The role of the ski base layer is to hold on to warm air whilst transporting any moisture away from the body, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. You’ll typically wear insulating midlayers on top of your baselayer, plus an outer layer – usually a hardshell – to keep wet snow out.

Popular ski baselayer garments include:

Boxer short baselayers

Long leggings

Long sleeve 

T-shirt baselayers

With all of these ski baselayer garments, you’re looking for a close, snug fit that traps warmth and wicks moisture. The main choice you’ll need to make is around the fabrics used – primarily, whether you prefer garments made from synthetic fibres, or those made with natural materials like silk, bamboo or merino wool. Each has its own advantages. We’ve deliberately left cotton off this list, as while it feels lovely and soft next to the skin when first worn, it absorbs and holds moisture, and is not the best insulator.

Ski baselayers made from synthetic materials

Synthetic baselayers offer several advantages for active sports like skiing. Stretchy and comfortable, durable, quick drying and easy to look after, they’re also more affordable than some equivalents made from natural fibres. 

While synthetic materials don’t naturally resist odours, many feature advanced treatments that address this: for instance, some CimAlp baselayers use our Warm IONIC technology. This incredibly warm and soft ski baselayer offers excellent insulation and moisture transfer. Hollow synthetic fibres and a brushed interior act as a thermal barrier, while the treatment prevents bacteria related odours from developing.

Silk baselayers

Silk is a popular fibre for baselayers thanks to its unrivalled softness, and is often mixed with other fibres for optimal performance. For instance, some CimAlp garments are made of silk and CIMATHERM blended fibres. These high performance, technical thermal baselayers combine the luxurious, soft feeling of silk with ‘body mapping’ technology that optimises temperature control for each zone of your body.

Merino wool ski baselayers

Warm, breathable, soft and naturally anti-bacterial, merino wool is ideally suited to high performance baselayers. You’ll find options in a variety of thicknesses, as well as fabrics that blend merino with technical synthetic fibres. Some of CimAlp’s most popular ski baselayers use blends, combining merino with polyester Polygiene®. This produces a closer, snugger fit, with powerful antimicrobial properties that inhibit odour-causing bacteria.