Ski trousers

CimAlp has been manufacturing pants and trousers for skiing activities since 1964. They are made using high-end materials and the latest technologies such as Softshell®, Hardshell®, 3D-Flex®...
They are warm, snow- & rain-proof, comfortable and durable.

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What do I need to know before buying a pair of trousers for Skiing?

Keeping dry, comfortable and warm enough (but not too warm)  go hand in hand with enjoying your skiing and performing at your best. And your choice of ski trousers, also known as ski pants, depends on a lot more than just the weather

The snow state and when and where you’ll be skiing are equally key, and the type of skiing you do will determine how much physical intensity’s involved – you’ll likely expend more energy when cross country skiing versus freestyle, for instance. So you’ll need to think about all these factors to decide what you need in terms of the breathability, insulation and stretch characteristics of your ski trousers.                                                    


The fit of your ski pants is very much about personal preference. 

Close fitting: Nordic ski trousers such as our Bergen Pant are close fitting, with plenty of stretch fabric to maintain freedom of movement, while also offering waterproof protection and enough insulation. 

Regular fit: If you prefer more of a regular fit, CimAlp softshell ski trousers may be just the ticket, utilising 2 layer softshell plus Kevlar reinforcement to create a highly versatile piece of kit. 

Relaxed fit: For a relaxed, old school fit, flared ski pants like our Autrans model deliver classic performance and adaptability. 


Buying quality, snow-proof ski trousers with high waterproof and breathability ratings is a no brainer – and make sure that the seams are taped and the zips designed to uphold this performance. You’ll also want the ankle areas to be reinforced so they don’t get snagged or torn on your skis, with built-in gaiters to prevent snow ingress. 

Just like with your ski jacket, having plentiful, robust, well designed pockets will be a feature you’ll appreciate out on the mountain, and if your ski trousers are particularly warm and insulating, vents will enable you to control your temperature. 

Finally, your ski pants can do more than keep you comfortable and looking good – some will also add a further layer of safety. Technical trousers like our Keystone model include the Recco® detection system, which help you get found should you get caught in an avalanche.