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Find the most effective mid layers from Cimalp. The Mid layer is designed to keep warm air close to the body and should also carry on the good work of the base layer in moving moisture away from skin surface. Cimalp's mid-layers are everything you need whatever your winter activity is (downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing, freeride...)

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What do I need to know before buying a jacket for Skiing?

Insulating mid layers and fleeces for skiing build warmth on top of your baselayer. Equip yourself with a variety of mid layers with different features, thicknesses and insulating properties, so you can select the best combo according to conditions, locations and your chosen activities. 

Mid layers have to deliver incremental insulation without being too bulky, leaving room for an outer layer such as a hardshell jacket on top. Technical mid layers efficiently perform two important jobs at the same time. They insulate and keep you cosy by trapping warm air, whilst wicking moisture away from your body towards your outer layer, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable

You’ll typically wear insulating mid layers on top of your baselayer, and under an outer layer – usually a hardshell – to keep wet snow and icy winds out. While the term ‘mid layer’ sounds specific, in reality mid layers for skiing all manner of fabrics and formats.

Mid layers for skiing include:




Turtle-neck tops

Fleece jumpers & jackets

All of these garments can vary from lightweight to heavier/thicker versions, with & without zips, pockets, vents, other features, and even hoods, too.

Lighter, stretchier and more breathable than classic polar fleeces 

Heavier items like our own Warmit technical windproof fleece jacket not only perform brilliantly as a mid layer for skiing, but can earn their keep as your outer layer on warmer days. They feature high density, high stretch, windproof fabrics and finishes that combine warmth with excellent breathability, so are an excellent choice for situations where your work rate is high.

In contrast, mid layers are available in mid-weight and superlight fleece fabrics. The latter are much lighter, stretchier and more breathable than classic polar fleeces of old. As one example, check out our Teillon womens long sleeved mid layer. 

While technical mid layers and fleeces for skiing perform incredibly well, it’s a good idea to plump for garments that feature antibacterial treatments that limit bad odours (CimAlp uses our IONIC® technology, for instance).

Eco friendly mid layer fabrics

As a skier who appreciates the outdoors, you’ll no doubt share our commitment to sustainable environmental practice. Many fleece fabrics are now 100% recycled, which is great news – but we encourage you to look beyond this, and choose products whose eco credentials match their exceptional technical performance. As one example of this, at CimAlp we’re proud that our eco friendly THERMOPOLAR® fleeces are Bluesign® approved, and use organic dyes and pigments wherever possible.