Anti-Mosquito Shirts

Cimalp's trekking and travelling shirts are permeated with EULAN®, an anti-mosquito and anti-tick treatment,
easy to maintain, resistant, compactable they are the perfect equipment for cautious adventurers.

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What do I need to know before buying an anti-mosquito shirts?

There are a few things you can do before setting off on your travels that will make a real difference to your enjoyment of the trip – especially if you’re heading to an area favoured by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance – their ‘bites’ can transfer serious illnesses, too. So equipping yourself with anti-mosquito shirts and other treated clothing for your travels is definitely something you won’t regret.

Mosquitoes seem to bother us at exactly the time we should be having the most fun on our travels – while socialising at a barbeque or enjoying a meal outdoors, relaxing on a camping trip, lying in a hammock, or just watching the sunset after an unforgettable day’s exploring. Insect repellent sprays have long been our main weapon in the battle to keep mosquitoes at bay, so it’s good to know that treated clothes like anti-mosquito shirts now provide an effective additional method of defence.

Do anti-mosquito shirts work?

Scientific evidence shows that anti-mosquito shirts and other clothing really do work. Clothes with these treatments have been thoroughly tested dermatologically, and there’s no associated odour. It’s important not to dry clean them as this can compromise performance, and with normal cleaning their effectiveness stands up well over time

These protective garments are used extensively by the military too – a sure sign that they work. Research shows that they have an effect even when the skin isn’t covered, too – so wearing a short-sleeved anti-mosquito shirt will still offer additional protection to your exposed arms and neck, too. That said, if you want to maximise your protection then complementing your outfit with using an anti-bug spray is still worth considering.

When choosing an anti-mosquito travel shirt you need to think about the same kinds of factors as for any other travel shirt: what weight of material do you want, will short or long sleeves be best, and will pockets be useful? Speed of drying is another point worth noting, and make sure your travel shirt offers strong sun protection too.