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NikWax® Liquid Detergent for Waterproof Breathable Clothing- 1L

Specially designed liquid washing product without detergent. It washes away dirt and detergent residue, while preserving the garment's breathable and waterproof properties. Nikwax® brand products are advised for your Gore-Tex® and ULTRASHELL® clothing, to maintain their quality.

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Nikwax® products are recommended by Gore-tex® and CimAlp® because of their high quality.

This detergent-free cleaning product is biodegradable and washes away dirt and detergent residue, while preserving the garment's breathable and waterproof properties.

Your waterproof garment may be absorbing water simply because the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment has been altered by dirt or damaged by ordinary detergent. Traditional washing products leave hydrophilic residues on the fabric, which alter the Durable Water Repellent treatment and make the fabric absorb the water and become ‘wet’ in the rain. So, with Nikwax Tech Wash®, you can safely deep clean your clothes and equipment while renewing the garment-s DWR treatment and breathability.

Usage advice for waterproof clothing and accessories:

Use Nikwax Tech Wash during every wash.
After 6-8 washes, re-waterproof your clothing with Nikwax TX-Direct wash-in.


  • In the washing machine:

With a sponge or soft brush soaked with undiluted Nikwax® Tech Wash®, rub stubborn stains before washing. Remove all parts that cannot be machine washed. Shake the bottle before use. Follow the advice on the label of the garments. Do not use an ordinary detergent.
Remove all traces of detergent from the detergent compartment.
Put the clean garment(s) in the washing machine (2 garments maximum).
Use 150ml in hard water* or 100ml in soft water for 1-2 garments.
Choose a programme according to the instructions on the garment label.

  • Hand washing:

Use gloves. Plunge the garment(s) into 6 litres of warm water in a basin (2 garments maximum). Use between 100ml and 200ml depending on whether your water is soft or hard for 1-2 garments.
Rinse with plenty of clean water.



Water Resistance Water repellent with anti-stain treatment