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How to make UTMB®

That’s it, used to ULTRAs, you’ve planned to do the UTMB®! A great challenge for sports enthusiasts who love to race in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the Alps. But doing the UTMB® requires preparation and a lot of knowledge about the race and its environment!

How to prepare for the UTMB?

Passing the check point on the UTMB®
A checkpoint on CCC in 2015

Preparation for the UTMB can be broken down into a physical preparation and a real complete training programme, but also into a mental preparation, which is essential to be resistant and motivated throughout the chosen course. Of course, your preparation will also require a real diet in order to be in top shape and provide your body with the energy it needs to face the miles of running and the altitude differences without respite! But getting ready also means doing other tests beforehand so that your entry file can be selected for the famous UTMB draw!

Get to know the race!

If you want to do the UTMB you already know a little bit about the test. But you will need to know the race in detail, with the different courses available to you, its rules and its imperative obligations (equipment, safety). Finally, knowing the UTMB also means getting to know its history, its prize list, its legends who have won it on several occasions, and it also means understanding the specificities of the 2019 edition, such as the live follow-up, the ultra-trail show or the stars who will come and walk the same paths as you!

Prepare your stay in Chamonix

There will of course be a whole logistical aspect to your preparation for the UTMB. You will need to plan your stay in Chamonix, choose your mode of transport and prepare your accommodation booking. You will also have to anticipate your material needs such as the running bag to prepare, the survival and safety equipment required or manage the supplies.

Don’t forget either that the UTMB rules entitle you to assistance at certain points along the route. This is also a point to be considered and organised. Finally, you will need to anticipate the local weather and why not find some activities if you stay a few days in the area, all the more so if you come with your family!


To find out more about the race, visit the official race website.