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Compulsory material for UTMB®.

Within the framework of UTMB® 2019, the regulation provides for a list of mandatory equipment, common to UTMB®, CCC® and TDS®. Here is a summary but you can find the details here.

A basic kit

This kit includes a bag, a personal cup of at least 15cl, 2 lamps with batteries or spare batteries for each lamp, an ID card, a mobile phone with use in the three countries, a whistle, an adhesive elastic bandage or strapping, and a survival blanket of at least 1.40m x 2m. You must also add a water reserve of at least 1 litre, and a food reserve with, for example, 2 gels + 2 energy bars of 65 g each.

The clothing list

For the top, at least a hooded jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane (minimum recommended 10,000 Schmerber and RET recommended less than 13) is required. The hood must be integrated or attached to the jacket and the seams must be welded. A warm long-sleeved second layer garment (excluding cotton) weighing at least 180g (men’s size M) or a combination of a warm long-sleeved undergarment (first or second layer, excluding cotton) weighing at least 110g (men’s size M) and a windproof jacket with durable water-repellent protection (DWR protection) must also be provided.

The list goes on with a pair of warm, waterproof gloves, a hat, cap or bandana or buff. For the lower body, long-legged running trousers or tights or a combination of tights and socks covering the entire leg are mandatory. Waterproof overpants are also to be included. It is also advisable (but not obligatory) to bring a smartphone with the Livetrail4Runners application installed and set up as well as an external battery, a change of warm clothes, sticks in case of rain or snow, Vaseline or anti-heating cream, a minimum sum of 20 €, a reusable bowl, a GPS watch, a knife or scissors, a sewing kit…

In addition, kits may be required by the organisation, depending on the weather conditions, such as the heat wave kit or the extreme cold kit. To be informed, please consult the official website.

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