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Compression T-shirts for Trail-running

Compression t-shirts have real advantages when running. They are not only designed for high-level competitors and can bring real benefits to everyone.

Better muscle support with a compression t-shirt

Whether it’s for ups and downs, the most technically developed textiles are designed to give you more muscle support. This is the case with compression t-shirts that, with shapes and seams that perfectly match the body shapes, support your muscles. Held in place during exercise, the muscles “vibrate” much less and you will consume less energy.

This does not prevent you from doing core building exercises to improve the holding of your muscles, but your muscles will move in a less disordered and random way. You reduce parasitic movements and, in endurance, over the kilometres, you avoid energy losses

Improved micro-circulation

Muscle compression effectively improves the microcirculation of the upper layers of the muscle. Not only does this ensure better oxygenation of the muscle but also a better venous return. Benefits of better muscle oxygenation are directly visible when it comes to performance.

As far as venous return is concerned, its improvement ensures a better ability to recover after exertion.

Wearing your compression t-shirt during and after the run will ensure a significant time saving in your recovery: it can be estimated at about 25% recovery time saved, hence a more efficient recovery.

Finally, better micro circulation means that your VO2 max will be higher and you will have a higher anaerobic threshold.

It is obvious that wearing a compression t-shirt will not automatically make you a champion but it brings significant “marginal gains” and that you will feel as you go out.

More comfort

Using a compression t-shirt gives you an undeniable comfort gain. Your t-shirt flawlessly adapts to your body, granting a great freedom of movement.

In addition, it reduces the risk of heating and rubbing. Finally, unlike cotton, the new fibres quickly remove moisture and therefore provide much greater comfort and avoid the unpleasant sensation of something sticky and moist on the skin when you sweat.

Today, compression t-shirts can be used in body-training, fitness, cardio training and trail-running. Most of the time, these garments are soft and light, and provide a “second skin” effect, thanks to seamless fabrications that reduce friction areas.

In addition, the high-breathing weaving and the quality fibres used to make a compression shirt rank it in the category of high-tech textile products.

Therefore in the range of CimAlp products for trail, these t-shirts are designed with technical fabrics to satisfy the more demanding runners. Developed with compression 3D-Flex® technology, which provides excellent muscle support under the pectorals, and improved posture thanks to its Body Mapping construction, CimAlp running t-shirts fit in all points to the expected qualities of such products.

Don’t really hesitate and choose a compression t-shirt to run: it’s a guarantee of comfort and better recovery while optimizing your performance!